Eat Junk Lose Weight: A Fit Sugar Junkie Mantra


Eat Junk Lose Weight

Ok, so after reading the title of this post you’re stoked. Who wouldn’t be?! Ever since I started taking my exercise and diet seriously, the one thought that’s always lingered in my mind is “Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if i could eat nothing but junk food and still get shredded/yoked/cut/jacked/whatever term you want to use?”. Well the answer is, yeah, that would be amazing….but so would having access to the fountain of youth, or having a billion dollars, or being able to walk properly without living in constant fear of rolling your ankles…….but for 99% of us, that just isn’t happening.

So no, you can’t just eat junk and lose weight or achieve a great physique and conditioning. It’s definitely a little hard to accept that fact, believe me, but that doesn’t mean you can never have it. In my experience, you actually CAN have a pretty damn good amount of sugar/junk food. However, you need to think strategically about your diet to do so. There’s an absolute BOATLOAD of information out there when it comes to dieting properly, what will lead to weight gain vs. weight loss, etc, but for all practical purposes you really can chalk it up to:

Calories in vs. Calories out

While there are many other factors that play into body composition and health, this is the single biggest predictor of if you will gain or lose weight. The trouble is that most people don’t expend nearly enough effort making sure that their “calories in” is what they actually want or expect it to be. It’s TEDIOUS to sit there and track everything you eat! You might think you’re good at estimating portions or calories, but honestly if you live in America–you probably aren’t.

With this in mind, it is actually dead simple to build a diet that works for you. It basically means:

  1. Figure out how many calories you require to gain or lose weight, depending on your goals (there are great BMR calculators and calorie requirement calculators online to help you do this)

Steps To Weight Loss On A “junk” diet

Obviously thats a huge simplification of what you actually have to do to make that work, so I thought i’d share exactly how I do this with my own diet. This is the way that i’m able to eat a (relative) ton of junk food and still meet my fitness goals. It might be best to use an example to illustrate this:

I am a 5’10, 170lb male that requires about 1900 calories a day (Basal Metabolic Rate) just to survive. With my activity level (relatively vigorous activity every day), this number jumps to about 3000 calories a day.

3000kcal/day X 7 days per week = 21,000kcal per week. I like to look at the amount of calories I consume on a weekly basis. this seems to make it much easier to be flexible with my diet, and eat more or less on certain days. Being flexible with your diet is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL in finding something that you can stick to.

So, if i want to cut weight for example (say, 1lb a week), i’d cut this number down to a 17000kcal budget for the week. If you’re a relatively young, active person–thats a pretty skimpy budget to work with to be honest, so you’ll need to be smart about your eating strategy.

Intermittent Fasting is your god damn best friend on a cut. Yes, you’re going to go through periods where you’re hungry…’re literally starving your body of what it wants! Being hungry is completely normal.

My eating strategy might look something like this during a 17000kcal/week cut:

  • Monday – FAST ALL DAY (i’m a huge fan of the single day fast, if you eat enough on the weekend its really not that bad)
  • Tuesday – Morning Fast, 2500kcal afternoon and evening
  • Wednesday – Morning Fast, 2500kcal afternoon and evening
  • Thursday – Morning Fast, 2500kcal afternoon and evening
  • Friday – Morning Fast, 2500kcal afternoon and evening
  • Saturday – 4000kcal (WOOT THIS DAY IS AWESOME)
  • Saturday – 3000kcal (STILL AWESOME)

There’s my 17000 calories. Calories per week need to be adjusted for YOU specifically, but with careful tweaking you can eat junk and lose weight. I hope you found this helpful! Check this out if you need more reading.

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