Ok, so this article doesn’t really have anything to do with dates…but I needed a catchy headline so bear with me. I’m sure most have you have heard something along the lines of “you should do your weight training first and cardio after” or even “only do cardio on rest days”. Where does this idea...
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So I got inspired to write a bit about this just answering questions on quora. The particular question that got my interest was something along the lines of: “What is the biggest mistake you ever made in the gym?” I spent some time thinking about it….but honestly it didn’t take long to come up with the...
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Let’s be honest, forearms are one of the sexiest muscle groups to develop. I think it’s a muscle group that is neglected compared to things like biceps or triceps, but one of the biggest indicators of strength I often see is good forearm development, and consequently, grip strength. Do you think a guy who looks...
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You’re Robbing Yourself If You Aren’t Squatting It’s no secret that i’m very passionate about the exercises I choose to perform. I’m very opinionated in this regard—I think there are some exercises that are virtually a complete waste of time and some that you should be performing most if not every time you visit the...
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Strong Butts? Well, this is a topic a lot of gym goers probably don’t think much about. “Why would I care about having strong glutes?” “What am I going to do with ass muscles hahaha” “Only chicks care about their butt” This was sort of the line of thinking I’ve had for a large portion...
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The Deadlift is probably my favorite exercise of all time. Let’s be honest, is there anything more visceral than lifting as much weight as you possibly can straight up off the floor? Not really. Further, the deadlift is absolutely amazing in what it will do for transforming your body AND your mind. Want to be...
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