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Do anything enough and you’ll learn a thing or two about it. You’ll start to find out what works and what doesn’t. A musician doesn’t develop perfect technique overnight. She makes minor adjustments continually in hopes that she’ll one day be satisfied with her performance…but let’s be honest, she probably won’t be. Dieting is pretty...
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I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced it a million times. “I’m literally starving myself and i’m not losing weight! I must have a slow metabolism.” Common knowledge for a LONG time has told us something along the lines of: “eat 6 meals a day to fire up your metabolism and boost fat loss!” It’s honestly such a...
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One of the reasons sticking to a healthy diet is so difficult is that it seems so limiting! It’s not surprising given the staggering number of options we have available to eat in modern society. When you realize that the bulk of those options are overly-processed and contain a bunch of BS ingredients, the number of...
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“Is Getting Shredded Worth It?” That’s one for the ages. Every up and coming lifter has had this question pop into his mind at least a few times. I used to think that walking around with absolutely ripped 6 pack abs, striations all over my body, and looking like I was carved from stone was...
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How To Make Healthy Food Taste Better One of the things I wish I would’ve understood better when I started to focus on nutrition was how to make healthy food taste better! I’m sure you’ve read in my other posts about my minimally-nutritious upbringing. If you’re like me then you’ve probably always struggled to find...
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How To Eat Junk Food In Moderation One of the things that confused the hell out of me when I started paying more attention to my diet was the notion: “You can eat junk food, but you have to eat it in moderation” Before we get too far, let’s define what I mean by “junk food”....
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Food tastes better when you’re fit. That’s interesting. “I think food tastes great already!”, you might say. What i’m trying to highlight is a little more complex than that though. What I want to talk about is how and why good, nutritious food starts to taste better as you start to become more fit. It’s...
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If you’re trying to lose weight, counting your calories per week is a damn good way to ensure that happens. While there are other factors that affect weight loss/gain (macro/micronutrients, water retention, genetics, etc) total caloric intake is the single largest predictor of your success. Eat less than your body requires and you will lose...
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Eat Junk Lose Weight Ok, so after reading the title of this post you’re stoked. Who wouldn’t be?! Ever since I started taking my exercise and diet seriously, the one thought that’s always lingered in my mind is “Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if i could eat nothing but junk food and still get shredded/yoked/cut/jacked/whatever...
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