Deadlift Benefits and Why You Should Be Deadlifting

The Deadlift is probably my favorite exercise of all time. Let’s be honest, is there anything more visceral than lifting as much weight as you possibly can straight up off the floor? Not really. Further, the deadlift is absolutely amazing in what it will do for transforming your body AND your mind. Want to be […]

healthy banana recipe

Eggs N’ Bananas

I’m about to blow your mind with one of the best tasting things you can make for yourself……and it’s literally just eggs and bananas. Before we get started, let me just highlight some of the amazing benefits of this ridiculously easy meal to make for yourself: It tastes amazing. Seriously. I don’t know about you, […]


Count Your Calories Per Week Not Calories Per Day

If you’re trying to lose weight, counting your calories per week is a damn good way to ensure that happens. While there are other factors that affect weight loss/gain (macro/micronutrients, water retention, genetics, etc) total caloric intake is the single largest predictor of your success. Eat less than your body requires and you will lose […]


Eat Junk Lose Weight: A Fit Sugar Junkie Mantra

Eat Junk Lose Weight Ok, so after reading the title of this post you’re stoked. Who wouldn’t be?! Ever since I started taking my exercise and diet seriously, the one thought that’s always lingered in my mind is “Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if i could eat nothing but junk food and still get shredded/yoked/cut/jacked/whatever […]