Heavy Weight Isn’t Always The Answer

Why You Should Lift Light AND Heavy  If we’re talking about strength training, conventional wisdom tells us that you need to lift heavy weights to get stronger and grow. This is definitely true to some extent—no one ever got strong bench pressing the bar for 50 reps every session. However, there are a lot of components to […]


Without Proper Form, You’ll Go Nowhere

Without Proper Form, You’ll Go Nowhere When you first start lifting weights, one of the things you’re told is that you should lighten the load you’re working with and focus on form. I have a bunch of opinions on why you have to learn some things for yourself, but that’s another story. Unfortunately, this is […]


The Diet Strategy Master Checklist

Do anything enough and you’ll learn a thing or two about it. You’ll start to find out what works and what doesn’t. A musician doesn’t develop perfect technique overnight. She makes minor adjustments continually in hopes that she’ll one day be satisfied with her performance…but let’s be honest, she probably won’t be. Dieting is pretty […]


Fitness Lessons You’ll Have To Learn Yourself

Once again, answering questions on Quora got me inspired to write this post. One extremely common thing that we do as humans is to receive GREAT advice from people who are experienced in a given area or field…..and then do absolutely nothing with that advice. I’m guilty of it and i’m sure most of you […]

Stop Looking For Motivation, It Won’t Help You

So I got inspired to write about motivation from reading some motivational quotes. You know the ones i’m talking about. You know, the posters you see all over Pinterest? These things: Ok, ok. I had to find one that sounded extra cliche. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these things are fun to read, but they do jack-all […]


You’re Eating More Calories Than You Think

I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced it a million times. “I’m literally starving myself and i’m not losing weight! I must have a slow metabolism.” Common knowledge for a LONG time has told us something along the lines of: “eat 6 meals a day to fire up your metabolism and boost fat loss!” It’s honestly such a […]


If You Want To Build Muscle, Stop Being A Bro

So I got inspired to write a bit about this just answering questions on quora. The particular question that got my interest was something along the lines of: “What is the biggest mistake you ever made in the gym?” I spent some time thinking about it….but honestly it didn’t take long to come up with the […]


Train Your Grip Strength and Get Better at Everything

Let’s be honest, forearms are one of the sexiest muscle groups to develop. I think it’s a muscle group that is neglected compared to things like biceps or triceps, but one of the biggest indicators of strength I often see is good forearm development, and consequently, grip strength. Do you think a guy who looks […]


You’re Robbing Yourself If You Aren’t Squatting

You’re Robbing Yourself If You Aren’t Squatting It’s no secret that i’m very passionate about the exercises I choose to perform. I’m very opinionated in this regard—I think there are some exercises that are virtually a complete waste of time and some that you should be performing most if not every time you visit the […]